May her memory be an inspiration: VOTE

Edel Rodriguez has created this powerful and moving image, remembering Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, to help you encourage your friends and neighbors to vote. To print postcards at home, you can use cover stock (#67) to print out each set of 4 postcards on your home printer, and cut each sheet into 4 postcards. You... Continue Reading →

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To Immigrants with Love

Today, on Valentine's Day, Families Belong Together is asking all of us to write a love letter to immigrants. You can learn more here, and post your own message on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with the hashtag #toimmigrantswithlove. To make it easy for you, here are some of the wonderful images Raising Our Voices artists... Continue Reading →

Call your reps!

Right now, refugee children at the border are under attack by the GOP administration, which fired tear gas and rubber bullets on November 25 at children still in diapers.  Please call your senators and congressional representative to let them know that the US must stop attacking children and their asylum-seeking parents.  Seeking asylum is not... Continue Reading →

Share on social media to encourage your friends and neighbors to vote!

Election day is almost here!  And in many states, early voting is now open.  Share these lovely images on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles to encourage your friends and neighbors to vote!  All are free to download and share.  Please include these hashtags when you do: #raisingourvoices #dearneighborpleasevote #voteearly #votenov6 And dear friend, please... Continue Reading →

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