Children are still separated from their refugee families – time to write your representatives!

A Federal Judge ruled last month that today is the deadline for the GOP Administration to reunite all of the children who have been separated from their asylum-seeking parents.  But the GOP administration has said that they have already deported more than 400 parents, which makes reunification very difficult.  Many more children continue to be held thousands of miles away from their families.

To make it easy (and beautiful) to write to your Senators and Congressional Representative demanding that these families be reunited, we’ve created four postcards, with art by Erin Entrada Kelly, Kira Lynn Cain, Edel Rodriguez, and Peter H. Reynolds. 



Here’s the PDF: postcards for reps

It’s simple to download and print, double-sided, and cut into 4 postcards.   67 lb, 8 1/2 x 11 white paper works well and is accepted by the US Post Office as postcards.

Maybe print a bunch and gather friends to write postcards together.

In your own words, write a message to your senator or congressional representative.  Some suggestions include:

  • Congressional hearings about how this cruel practice took place and why it has taken so long to reunite families
  • The need for legislation that would prevent inhumane family separation practices
  • Reunification and support for all of the families that have been traumatized by separation
  • Tracking when, where, and how often family separation occurs

You may have representatives who are already working to do this — if so, it is wonderful to say thank you.

It is always most effective to be civil and polite.

We have heard from Senate and Representative staffers that these letters matter – so please do raise your voice to help the refugee families who are still suffering.

You can find your Senators’ addresses here.

You can find your Representative’s address here.

You can also upload one of these images on Stamps Licked/Herd on the Hill to have your message hand-delivered to your Senators and Representative.  Here are the images that work best, just download and then upload to their campaign to end family separation.



Thank you for raising your voice.

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