A week of action to respect Mother Earth

This September, millions of people across the globe will join young climate activists on the streets to protect our planet. You can find out more about how to raise your voice in respect to Mother Earth here. And when you march, you can carry Pascal Lemaitre’s beautiful images, free to download and print as a poster (info below on how to do that!). Thank you for raising your voice!

All Raising Our Voices images are free to download and print.  An easy way to print posters is to download the pdf of the image or images you want and send the images to a copy store.  The directions below are for Staples, but you can print at whatever place works best for you!  Info about how to print posters below the pdf files for Pascal’s Respect for Mother Earth images (they will work beautifully as two sides of a single sign):

To print posters at Staples:

Download the pdf file to your computer.

Go to Staples

Choose “Use Your Own Design”, select your poster size, and upload the file.

Poster sizes are 12×18, 18×24, and 24×36.

Be sure to rotate and/or scale to fit, as necessary.

You can select “Pickup In-Store” for your local Staples.

We’ve found that printing two posters (same image or different images — they both just need to be either vertical or horizontal) of the smaller size works well, and then taping the posters to the front and back of a small piece of foam core or corrugated cardboard, using double sided tape, which makes the posters easier to hold. A paint stirrer from the hardware store makes a nice handle.

When you carry these posters, please send us photographs!  If you post on social media, please include the hashtags #raisingourvoices #familiesbelongtogether #wherearethechildren #keepfamiliestogether

Thank you to Laura Silverman for the inspiration she offers in her heartbreaking and powerful Portraits of Parkland site.

A huge THANK YOU! to all of our artists for their generosity and compassion!

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