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We have three different postcard campaigns, please scroll down to find the one you need.  Information about how to print at home or at Staples is at the bottom of the page.  Thank you for raising your voice!

RBG: VOTE postcards:


Here’s the PDF for the RBG: VOTE postcards: vote-rbg_4up

Dear Neighbor, Please Vote postcards:


You can download the postcards above here: 4artists-Vote


You can download Kate DiCamillo’s postcards here: DiCamillo-Vote


You can download Peter H. Reynold’s postcards here: PeterHReynolds-Vote

Postcards to download, print, and send to children who are still separated from their parents.  For more information about how to print and where to send the postcards, visit this blog page.

Postcard set 1: Raising Our Voices Postcards_Set 1

Postcards for Children 2 jpgPostcard Set 2: Raising Our Voices Postcards Set 2

Postcards for Children_3 jpgPostcard Set 3:Raising Our Voices Postcards_Set 3

Postcards to send to your representatives to request an end to family separation and the reunification of all families who have been torn apart:

Postcards to representatives jpg

Postcards to Representatives pdf

To print at home, you can use cover stock (#67) to print out each set of 4 postcards on your home printer, and cut each sheet into 4 postcards.

You can also print the cards at Staples, using these directions:

Go to this link: Staples

Choose Color printing

Choose Media: Weight110 Cardstock/Coverstock 8/12 x 11 White

Choose Orientation: Landscape

Choose Cutting: Cut in 1/4

Upload the PDFs of the postcards

Choose how many you want to print (each sheet has 4 postcards on it)

Thank you for raising your voice!

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