Children are still separated from their refugee families – time to write your representatives!

A Federal Judge ruled last month that today is the deadline for the GOP Administration to reunite all of the children who have been separated from their asylum-seeking parents.  But the GOP administration has said that they have already deported more than 400 parents, which makes reunification very difficult.  Many more children continue to be... Continue Reading →

Raising our voices day and night

Citizens in Appleton, Wisconsin have rallied every day for almost a month to protest the cruel policy of separating refugee children and parents.  Yesterday they printed out six Raising Our Voices posters and today they'll be taking them to their congressional representative's office to ask "Where are the children?"  Sending a huge THANK YOU to... Continue Reading →

Full hearts

Yesterday afternoon, more than 100 children, parents and caregivers gathered at the Maplewood Library for a Raising Our Voices to write postcards to children who are still incarcerated and separated from their parents.  The love and compassion and seriousness of purpose in that room, from the littlest kids to grandparents, gave us tremendous hope.   One mom wrote... Continue Reading →

More #cardsforkids

We have added a new collection of wonderful postcards, created by Bob Bianchini, Pascal Lemaitre, Lisa Mundroff and Alexander Stadler. As we write this on July 11, thousands of children are still being held in detention by the US government, separated from their parents.  Please join us to send them postcards and let them know... Continue Reading →


In late June, Senator Dick Durbin called for us to send notes to the children who have been separated from their parents and incarcerated alone.  He says it is a small gesture but can mean so much, and we agree with him. So we asked illustrators to create cards to send to children.  The art... Continue Reading →

Raising voices around the world

It was so heartening to see people around the world, from Tokyo to Seattle, Burlington to New York City, and many other cities and towns, carrying the powerful artwork of Raising Our Voices artists.  Thank you!!! Please keep raising your voice in support of refugee families!  


James McMullan is the principal poster artist for Lincoln Center Theater. He was born in Tsingtao, China in 1934, the grandson of missionaries who operated an orphanage for abandoned infant girls; his story is depicted in words and paintings in his memoir LEAVING CHINA: An Artist Paints His World War II childhood. He is also the creator,... Continue Reading →

Not My America

Christopher Weyant is a New Yorker cartoonist and children's book illustrator. He believes in an America that is strongest when it welcomes people of all different colors, religions and identities. You can download a PDF of Chris's image to print as a poster here: FamilesTogether All of these images are free to download and print. ... Continue Reading →

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