Call your reps!

Right now, refugee children at the border are under attack by the GOP administration, which fired tear gas and rubber bullets on November 25 at children still in diapers.  Please call your senators and congressional representative to let them know that the US must stop attacking children and their asylum-seeking parents.  Seeking asylum is not a crime.

To keep those important phone numbers handy, we asked two awesome artists to create posters you can print at home and put right up on your fridge.  If you don’t have your reps’ phone numbers yet, you can find them here

Click here to download your poster.

Here’s an example of how you might fill it out — drafted for incoming congressional representative Mikie Sherrill, who was just elected to represent NJ11.  Remember, your reps may be changing in January — so feel free to make one poster now, and another in the new year!

Click on the image to download your poster.

Just click on either image to download and create your own poster.  Please send us a photo of it in action! Thank you for raising your voice!

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