May her memory be an inspiration: VOTE

Edel Rodriguez has created this powerful and moving image, remembering Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, to help you encourage your friends and neighbors to vote.

To print postcards at home, you can use cover stock (#67) to print out each set of 4 postcards on your home printer, and cut each sheet into 4 postcards.

You can also print the cards at Staples, using these directions:

Go to this link: Staples

Choose Color printing

Choose Media: Weight110 Cardstock/Coverstock 8/12 x 11 White

Choose Orientation: Landscape

Choose Cutting: Cut in 1/4

To print a lawn sign (instructions below the image) here is the PDF:

Here is information about how to print a lawn sign at Staples, but please feel free to print wherever works best for you!

  1. Choose your images (below) and download the PDFs
  2. Go to
  3. Go to Signs / Banners / Posters
  4. Choose Yard Signs
  5. Choose Upload your design
  6. Choose single sided or double-sided  (if double-sided, you can choose 2 different images for your sign)
  7. Choose 18 X 24
  8. Go to Get Started
  9. Click on Add New Image
  10. Upload your image
  11. Rotate image if it’s not horizontal
  12. Use the Zoom tool to scale it to fit
  13. If you are using a second image for the other side, upload that image
  14. Rotate if necessary and Zoom to fit
  15. Review your images
  16. Check out

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