In late June, Senator Dick Durbin called for us to send notes to the children who have been separated from their parents and incarcerated alone.  He says it is a small gesture but can mean so much, and we agree with him.

So we asked illustrators to create cards to send to children.  The art they have created is full of love, and you can print out the postcards to send to these incarcerated children, to let them know we will not forget them. Thousands of children are still in detention and separated from their families.

These are the images on Set 1, by Jennifer Mann and Edel Rodriguez.

We’ve found that postcard parties can be a wonderful way to work together.  Print out as many postcards as you want, invite friends over, and each of you can write your own message to a child on the back of the postcard.  Because the postcards will be sent in bulk, you can use the entire back of the card for your message.

We also have a message in Spanish, written by Edel Rodriguez, with the hope that a child (or an adult) might draw an original image on the other side.

These are the images on Set 2, by Peter H. Reynolds, Kira Lynn Caine, and Marc Rosenthal

Once you have written your postcards, collect them and send them all in an envelope or box to:

UAC/ORR Program
ATTN: Cards for Kids
330 C Street, SW
5th Floor
Washington, D.C. 20201

To Print:

You can download PDFs of four images per page here:

Raising Our Voices postcards_Set 1

Raising Our Voices Postcards Set 2

ROV postcards_P3

You can print at home on #67 stock, which is approved by the Post Office for postcards.  If your printer can handle 110 cardstock, that works too!  The postcards print on regular 8 1/2 x 11, and then cut each sheet into 4 postcards.

You can also print the cards at Staples, using these directions:

Go to this link: Staples

Choose Color printing

Choose Media: Weight: 110 Cardstock/Coverstock 8/12 x 11 White

Choose Orientation: Landscape

Choose Cutting: Cut in 1/4

Upload the PDFs of the postcards

Choose how many you want to print (each sheet has 4 postcards on it)

Here are the wonderful images we have so far:









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  1. We had a nice and very productive evening here in Delmar NY. We wrote 150+ encouraging cards (in Spanish) for kids who have been separated from their parents by immigration. It’s a small gesture, but we hope that it’ll make them feel loved and that they are not alone. They’ll be in the mail this afternoon! How will the cards be delivered?


    1. Ana, this sounds like it was such a wonderful gathering, thank you for bringing people together to raise your voices. If you have photos, please send them to us, we would love to include them on the website! In terms of delivering the cards, I spoke to a communications specialist in Senator Durbin’s DC office before we launched the postcards and he told me that have confidence that the people at UAC/ORR will deliver the cards to children who need them. Senator Durbin initiated the #cardsforkids drive.


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