Is this really America?

Marc Rosenthal: I lived in Turkey as a toddler, then my folks settled in Los Angeles. I studied Architecture as an undergraduate, then painting for a MFA. I worked in NYC for Milton Glaser as an illustrator/designer for five years, doing illustration since then. I now live with my wife, Eileen ( a children’s book author), in the Berkshires. As a child of the 60s, I have always appreciated the power of protest.

You can download the PDF of Marc’s poster to print here:

Rosenthal 6.20.18

All of these images are free to download and print.  An easy way to print posters is to download the pdf of the image or images you want and send the images to a copy store.  The directions below are for Staples, but you can print at whatever place works best for you!

To print at Staples:

Download the file to your computer.

Go to Staples

Choose “Use Your Own Design”, select your poster size, and upload the file.

Poster sizes are 12×18, 18×24, and 24×36.

Be sure to rotate and/or scale to fit, as necessary.

You can select “Pickup In-Store” for your local Staples.


Please send us photos when you march with these posters!  And when you share on social media, please include the hashtags #raisingourvoices #familiesbelongtogether #wherearethechildren#keepfamiliestogether

Thank you for raising your voice.

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