2019 Election postcards! Dear Neighbor, Please Vote on November 5

Election day is fast approaching. We have updated some of our most popular postcards so you can send them to your friends and neighbors to encourage them to vote in this year’s election, on November 5, 2019.

Directions about how to print the postcards is below. We’ll have some new illustrations shortly, and lawn signs as well, so stay tuned!

Thank you for raising your voice, and encouraging others to raise theirs and vote!

Peter Reynolds
Kate DiCamillo
Pascal Lemaitre, P. Marin, Taeeun Yoo, Ross MacDonald

Here are the PDF versions of these images, which you can download and print at home or send to a printer, such as Staples, to have printed:

To print at home, you can use cover stock (#67) to print out each set of 4 postcards on your home printer, and cut each sheet into 4 postcards.

You can also print the cards at Staples, using these directions:

Go to this link: Staples

Choose Color printing

Choose Media: Weight110 Cardstock/Coverstock 8/12 x 11 White

Choose Orientation: Landscape

Choose Cutting: Cut in 1/4

Upload the PDFs of the postcards

Choose how many you want to print (each sheet has 4 postcards on it)

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